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Daachi Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to uplifting and preserving the arts and crafts of Pakistan.  Its vision is to sustain these arts and crafts as a form of cottage industry to maintain millions of livelihoods and, thus, contribute enormously to the economy of our nation.  The focus will be the Daachi Village at Raiwind which will build on the skills of artisans and craftsmen with improved design input and lay a base for gaining better profits for them. It encompasses the promotion of the ideology and culture of the country through its crafts, cuisine, folk and Sufi music.




Quaid's Sayings

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  “Funds are, no doubt, necessary for development, but at the same time national growth and regeneration do not depend on funds alone. It is human toil that makes for the prosperity of a people and I have no doubt that we have in Pakistan a nation of industrious and determined people whose past traditions have already distinguished them in the field of human achievement.”   Speech at Public Meeting, Chittagong, 26 March, 1948 
  "We wish our people to develop to the fullest our spiritual, cultural, economic, social and political life in a way we think best, and in consonance with our own ideals and according to the genius of our people."   Presidential Address to Muslim League Session Lahore, 24th March 1940
  “Nature has given you everything, you have got unlimited resources. The foundations of your State have been laid, and it is now for you to build, and build as quickly as you can. So go ahead and I wish you God-speed.”   Message to the Nation 14th August, 1948 

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  • Fund Raising
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